Investments in
high-tech companies

Our investment focus is diverse and includes renewable energy producers, biotechnology and nanotechnology, healthcare, and gas companies.

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About our company
Our large and diverse investment team consists of professionals with extensive operational and investment experience from all parts of the industry.
We invest in simple ideas but with complex executions.

Fund often participates in the establishment of new companies, or start investing in companies when they are in early stages. If they develop as planned, we will follow up with further investments throughout our ownership period. We structure investments with a view to combine capital preservation with equity return upside potential.
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Investment Plans

  • 4% Daily

    For 5 Days

  • Total profit: 120%
  • Deposit return: Yes
  • Min: 10$ Max: 500$
  • 5% Daily

    For 10 Days

  • Total profit: 150%
  • Deposit return: Yes
  • Min: 500$ Max: 2000$
  • 6% Daily

    For 30 Days

  • Total profit: 280%
  • Deposit return: Yes
  • Min: 2000$ Max: 20000$


"High-tech Investments Ltd" invests at the most lucrative early-stage of technology companies that are scalable and have exceptional growth prospects.

We source quality teams to work with, adding as much value along their journey as possible to maximize the potential ROI for our investors.



Nathan Daniel (СEO)

Officially registered company

Our company has been officially registered in London, UK, with number No. 13322200

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